Find your own : “SECRET CHICAGO: Your Guide To The Hidden City A pocket magazine in the @ChicagoTribune this weekend- (Always happy to make reccos for my favorite spots in our town and beyond)MY MUST SEE LIST:Golden Teardrops (in the basement of @lonesomeroseforever )- the latest from our fav humans at @landandseadept ) @TheFrostHouse (thetime capsule of our friendsin photography & companions intravel) The best part of the day job: getting to go to meetings at SCJohnson (&as superFRANKfans. -serving on the @flwtrust board makes it a real joy)Honored to be in the company of Iron chef : @stephanieizard StephanieIzard / @karamanndesign / Bill Curtis / James Beard Chef tony @spiaggiachicago/Naomi, curator of @MCAchicagophotos: @bobcoscarelli & others