Heres to the small Business owners that make it look so damn easy. (Weve failed for years now at making it look anything but dirty and held together with duct tape & a prayer) …like this last weekends complete breakdown while gutting the garage to try to rectify hoarding mess.honestly we dont know how our friends do it- but in the mixed bag of emotions we have about our their ability to run their shops with grace (we have envy, bewilderment, awe )- the biggest one is pride…we are just so damned proud to call these small Business mavens friends (And also some as neighbors near camp, too) And were grateful for any chance we get to give a shout out so Cheers to @parsonsChi of @landandseadept &@PleinairCafe and @randolphmarket In the new @MichiganAveMag (summer issue just hit the stands). to @thayerandco for the portrait with frank face