SEEKING PHOTOGRAPHER FOR BARTER: Folks come here and seem to gravitate to photographing & filming the same things (lake, treehouse, tipi). So its rare when someone looks for other things to focus their lens on (like the neglected corners & crevices that tell the oldest stories, but also hide camps darkest secrets).We were grateful to have the kind & talented soul @matt.scheffer with the lovely @anna.zajac__ pay us a visit – they found some of those out-of-the way moments…the backstops and backwoods. Back of house and back trailsour outhouse-turned-showerhouse.Sometimes what happens backstage are the things that define a place the most – hold its history & secrets, and define who we are – more than the art directed vingettes we labor over.We are grateful to have made a place where folks want to come & trade their talents with us. So we want to try something new and share the offer with our IG shooter friends: cabins for perspectives” — Matt’s photos are the catalyst that inspired us to take it a step deeper now.IF YOU ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER WHO IS INTERESTED IN BARTERING A CABIN STAY FOR YOU & FRIENDS: if youre into shooting the historic, unseen seedy underbelly of camp…. The prohibition-era liquor storage under the floor of the lodgethe hidden crawl space storage from the 20s under the hotelthe attic-turned-prop-house the trap door that leads to the gambling den beneath…. the attic dresser full of what we unearthed in the hillhouse renovation…the darker side of camp, dating back to its house of ill repute days, then shoot us your info.We love hosting creatives in exchange for the perspective that they can share through their lens. (we look forward to looking through all of the barter offers & books and getting back to the ones that we can accommodate this season- and maybe into fall season and winter :) Thank you, @matt.scheffer for sharing your perspective with us. We cant wait to share through your film as well.