The top 10 things to see if you jump an Amtrak to Washington : (72 hours in DC: checking out some of the tourist attractions that weve taken for granted) 1 // VISIT Lincoln & thank him for reminding us what a real president stands for. 2// SEE heroin for sale still in jars at oldest apothecary in America. (Photo 1) 2 // WITNESS the truth at National Native American Museum. 4 // DRINK at the first tavern in the America, Gadsbys. 5 // SAMPLE the wall color in Martha Washingtons bedroom for new camp inspiration. 6 // SLEEP in a historic church-turned hotel (The Line D.C.). 7 // STAND at The same spot MLK did & recite lines from his speech. 8 // HANG in front of the White House (to support the anti family separation protesters). 9 // EAT in the Georgetown diner booth where JFK proposed to Jackie O. 10 // PRAY in George Washingtons pew at Alexandrias Christ church.The single most important place / person thing we wanted Charlie to see – so she can understand the inspiration for Camps Lincoln Room: “IN THIS TEMPLE AS IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM HE SAVED THE UNION THE MEMORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN IS ENSHRINED FOREVER” ** not recommended Bonus stop** 11 // STEAL a wheelchair at 1 am from Detroit terminal to cart your un-wakable 7-year old to a glamorous airport hotel because your flight in DC got delayed twice before you circled Ohare for an hour, eventually running out of fuel & landing in Motor City instead (next time: $100 Amtrak train adventure from Chi to DC). Was in D.C. for work and honored to be serving on the creative advisory board for the new National Childrens Museum – so grateful to use it as an excuse to squeeze in a couple of old school sight-seeing days.