yesterday was our 14th wedding anniversary. we both forgot it. (& just got reminded late last night by a great aunt ritas annual congratulatory email)-life has been getting so cray that were finding that someof the most important things are the things that we somehow let slip through the cracks.-they say that for a 14th (15th?) wedding anniversary youre supposed to celebrate by getting an expensive crystal bowl as a symbol of your clear and sparkling marriage. Weve never really been the cut-crystal types. The fanciest thing on our little registry was a chainsaw ( #BestGiftEver )-buta friendtold meabout this thing called Kintsukuroi- it’sthe artof repairing brokenpotterywith gold dust mixed into the glue.As aphilosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise embracing of the flawed and imperfect by highlighting the cracks and fixes as simply an event in the life of an object – putting value on its marks of wear.-so happy (belated) anniversary, Love. And to our 20-plus years of adventures together, & counting.Iwouldnt trade this broken-restored-gilded glue life with you for all the crystal on the planet . #IreallyDoWantAkintsukuroiBowlTho #SubtleHint#LoveYou-Much to friends for the pics over all these years:anniversary1: by @chrisstrongphotography year 3: by robjillsonanniversary7: by @bobcoscarelliAnniversary 10: by @pauloctavious