THE GHOSTS OF WANDAWEGA. Over the years, many guests have reported that theyve seen ghosts here.Perhaps the suicide of a jilted lover in 1941. Or the madame who went to prison In 1942, and upon her release 8 years later returned home to find that her Wandawega Hotel had been taken over and ceased to be her livelihood (gin-running brothel operation). Or the remnant spirits of the working girls who occupied rooms the hotel/brothel.We cant claim to have seen them ourselves. But there are spirits who we are certain are with us. The priest Father B who blessed the camp with his annual tradition each spring of walking the grounds to read from the good book and sprinkle holy water…cleansing this places sordid past..We have pieces of Father Bs life scattered around camp – his hat- fishing gear- some sermons and books.Father B was good luck to this place from the day her took over back in 1961 – providing a refuge for displaced persons who where forced to flee their war-torn Latvian homeland. One of those families was Davids immediate and extended family.When father B sold us this sinful- turned-holy place he was 91 and stil fishing everyday that the weather allowed. Up until the very end, until he made the journey back to his homeland of Latvia and passed away there..Do you believe in ghosts? Its hard for us to deny it- When we see the physical marks hes left everywhere at camp. What he left behind was more than his tackle boxes and rain boots and vestments – it was a beautiful legacy of acceptance.We cant deny that his spirit lives on.In this place. So yes – we do believe in ghosts..Say hi to father Boleslavs Baginskis next time you see a fisherman on the lake when it almost too darkto see (that was his favorite time) * His memorial marker is on the hillhtop among the birches *Photos:@richardoriginal @evantsheehan @tylerbartley @ellie.d.lights @samlandreth @candidleykelsey