..What sustains.SmithGroup Architects (Fast Company Design Company of The Year) asked us to come give a little talk about inspiration, brand building, & failing (we have a good bit of experience in the latter). We were supposed to bring inspiration, but we think we left them with the short end of the stick- as we felt like we took away so much more. Their offices are in the epic old jewelers building (that also housed Capones old post). The firm was founded in the mid 1800s, They designed Henry Fords 1st manufacturing plants, and have since created some of the most astounding buildings on earth. We talked about the concept of permanence of buildings of all sizes – and what sustains. It seems to be that what lasts isnt the house or skyscraper we erect, but how we connect – while were still here to share them…. we are greatful for the reminder.Photos: 1st: their offices / Christine Till and @smithgroup