.We arent ready to give up on her just yet. . .We found her in Ohio and gave her a new home here at camp. Gave her some fresh paint from the beltline down, and fixed her drivetrain..And now she’s back in the shop for a new carb..International Harvester Travelall: they only made these from 1953 to 1975 – as the precursor to modern people movers and full-size SUVs.Fairly unpopular in their day, they may have only ever been seen Grumpy Old Men, Hawaii 5-0 (and the local shaman drove one in Northern Exposure). The back of these wagons are big enough for a full sized mattress, so they make great campers. Most people think the old 392 V8s make better boat anchors than engines, but we love our old work horse just the same. : @maxwastler #cornbinder