Latest labor of love project: A tiny house made out of leaves- plopped down on Michigan Avenue. (Got to make this for my day job for a client who wants to give away free stuff for the holiday!).Now were dreaming & designing a twin of this little house to plop down at camp at in the woods overlooking the lake- Maybe a nature watching cabin?Its an open-air mini garden house that looks like it was plucked from the forest, and is the culmination of what matters to us most: it was made with friends, for friends. Its filled with our favorite things: yes, pretty free things that smell good. but also filled with our creative partners in crime (work & clients friends). A inspirational artist friend who i look up to said that to get and keep inspired, you need to ask yourself one question: As a creative at the end of day, are you having fun? #yes. .(Opening shot of the custom silk scented scarves that are the invitation for opening night) ….#Caldrea #FavClients #4DaysInAtinyHouse..@caldreaco…@silashelm @whatwhatktshutt @hannaclee @jkasmarick + caity