BEFORES Next up in the disturbing condition we found this place in:THE SPORTS EQUIPMENT ROOM1925-1960: maids quarters for the ‘Wandawega Hotel’.1961: Latvian renters from the church for summercamp.2005-2017: storage.2017: gutted it to the studs. new drywall, electric, painted the pine floor, put her to use again.THIS HAPPENED IN THIS ROOM AT 3AM 7 YEARS AGO: When Charlie was a baby, someone crawled in through this window to rob us. Hours later, the cops would come and remove the entire window & frame (the thief was caught on camera pushing up the window with both bare hands on the glass, leaving 2 perfect sets of fingerprints). The recount of what Frankie did to protect his house : heard somewhere that old houses are full of memories which is why they resist collapse. This place has been resisting for nearly a century already, so were guessing that some good things must have happened here to still have it standing. .MORE befores at 30 days of before and afters at: #wandawegarehabs