.[ We hope we dont regret this ].BEFORE & (soon-to-be) AFTER: .The latest hellhole. .We were white-knuckling while hauling it yesterday (while hearing the leaf springs of an old snowmobile trailer moaning and bottom out). We found this one last fall near Eagle Wisconsin, but it got snowed in before we could move it. It came from a farm in the middle of the Kettle Moraine State Forest. In the early 1900s, there were many versions of similar gothic arch style barn outbuilding kits, including some from the Sears Catalog. For over 100 years, theyve been used as milking sheds, farm equipment storage, small animal barns, coops and god knows what else. Were giving it a new life as a communal nature-watching stand in the back woods. This guy has virtually no redeeming characteristics. Except for the lines of its gothic arch roof and rafters – so thats gonna be the starting point. .THE PLAN:-Tear off the asphalt singles & install cedar shakes instead.. – New finish grade plywood floor (with a light gray deck paint).. – Remove the kettle-facing wall, and make it a screen wall open to the woods.- Add @Rejuvenation lantern lights.. – Custom ten ft table & benchesRestore the rafters & interior exposed planks.. – Park it on the edge of the kettle (with the entrance facing the lake). ..Were hoping to have this 14×10 nature cabin wrapped up in the next month or so, so the folks who will be staying up in the tents, tipi & A-frame have a communal place to hang with the woodland creatures. ..// Shown here: Hauling it to camp yesterday. Some modern gothic arch cabin inspiration. Our planning comps + sketches. And the antique book you need if you also geek out on classic American Ag Architecture. ..Review for Sears Book of Barns 1919: Anyone who loves barns, farms, architecture, early 20th Century American history or is just plain nostalgic will find this book to be a real treasure. Beyond its architectural value, its also a fascinating stroll down Memory Lane, to a time in the early 1900s when more than 50% of all Americans lived in an agricultural setting. Thanks for the help on the first cabin move @bhwoodworks