We thought we knew every broken corner of this place by heart – and then somebody comes along and shows us a different side of broken.Sometimes we are too close to the reality of our own mess, and all we can see is the work – the to do list that will never be done. The beat up things. What were missing. What we lost. (Mud fields. Gray skies. Ruined landscaping. Broken pipes. Peeling paint. Thrift store furniture finally giving way.) We forget theres also some good under the glaring brokens – until we to see it through somebody elses eyes. It turns out that letting somebody else in when things arent ready / clean / fixed can be therapeutic – and a needed reminder to see and appreciate the all the good enough. This little Oscar Wilde reminder is taped up on the camp wall: > #preachThanks, @erikengstrom44 for sharing your perspective.