CREATIVE-IN-RESIDENCE. .Now accepting nominations. .Move into one of our cabins. .Write.Paint. .Sculpt. .Film. .Build. .Plan. .Experiment. ..Why now?Last fall, we came to better appreciate the power of community when a group of people decided to give up their evenings and weekends to build something for strangers in another state: a rustic entrance sign for Camp Wandawega. My little brother Sam decided to clear his barn to make room to build us one. He opened his doors for volunteers to come help. Some harvested the cedar from the backwoods, others mitered lengths of it to form the letters. Others donated utility poles. Then he brought a few of the volunteers with him on a 272-mile road trip to install it. We couldnt get anyone to take our money. It was a labor of love gifted to camp by people that we love. Now, every time someone walks under this new entryway, theyre entering through the gates that were physically built out of the pure generosity of others. Those log letters say many things, the least of which is our name. .@lowresstudio, thank you for letting us share our story, and inspiring us to live more generously. ..>> their Full video on todays profile line