Someone way smarter than us once told us that lettingdown your guard is sometimes the only real way to help grow a brand.By letting others inside the messy back of house reality – they sometimes end up telling your story way better than you ever could.So heres to opening up & letting others in.(All photos here are by folks who have paid us a visit and were kind enough to withhold judgement for our not ready for close up reality).Ourmom & pophats fit just fine.(Were not opening anotherlocation, a camp-themed restaurant or a reality TV show). So were always a bit surprised when were asked for advice- we appreciate the invitation to come join a panel to speak at the @AceHotel soon on “differentiating your brand.”Well get a chance to share our advice onbrand building: Open your heart, your mind. Andsometimes a bottle of scotch.@generalassembly guests-friends sharing:@bennett_young (tent)@mksocialco (pup)@missnortherner (path)@yumuniverse (picnic)@katefordays (swim)@chrisstraley (campfire)@mulvatronn (squad)@paige.hulse (talk)@lexiafrankphoto (group)@daffodilparker (bride)