I vow to do all in my power to fight the systems that dont celebrate your perfect body, your brown skin, or your gender expression- Cassie + Es vows to each other..A debt of gratitude to these beautiful humans:Thank you for the good vibes you & all of your beautiful friends brought to camp on that rainy day.Thank you for flipping over the signs mandating men vs women access, so that for the first time in a century all genders know they are welcome.Thank you for setting such a beautiful example for our daughter: that flowergirls are the fiercest, that Love Is Love (and it lives here in this creaky old place too). Thank you for the reminder that inclusiveness, kindness and acceptance are all that matters -That will remain here as long as we are able to keep these gates open – and long after were gone. If there is any justice in this world, it is that these two incredibly loving people have found each other. – #loveliveshereaw Congratulations– @_castlecakes @e_roar…. : @im_thebaby @stitchqueer @tnyaahh @burnteyesblahg @jaithebarber @peacecosour @liz_sung