READERS DIGEST is probably never going to write about us again after this.Dear RD-While we really do appreciate the shout-out, and have loved you since my 5th grade teacher gifted each of us the retired overly-loved copies from the school library, we need to set the record straight on your recent article. .Cause it’s not the whole truth. .In an effort to un-sugarcoat the realities of what its like here:.THIS PART IS TRUE:theres no cook for you nothings organized no frills.THIS PART IS NOT TRUE:For those who hate the idea of actually camping”.Some of our accommodations are far more rough than if guests just brought their own tent & sleeping bag. Case in point We have a special “Manifesto of Low Expectations” specifically for those who dare to sleep in the Boy Scout tents, Tipi and A-Frame. This poster (nailed up in every tent & in our listing) reads like were trying to scare folks away from them (and that would be accurate). Because wed rather protect people from themselves then have them show up dramatically unprepared, expecting to step into some idyllic Instagram picture where it never rains, there are no rude raccoons, ant colonies & scary sounds at night. So, since were being honest and all.. those sometimes photogenic spots up in the back woods are far from anything that resembles glamping and are actually for those who DO love the idea of camping. ..Thanks, Readers Digest. .We will still always love you.(And gonna stock vintage issues in the treehouse library in your honor). ..Love,CampStory on todays profile @bennett_young