Got 2 days off? Its a 3 hour drive – ourTop 10 Dells bucket listYes.We said Wisconsin Dells. (Turns out its not just waterparks, fast food & T-shirt shops). There are still a few spots that have not yet been modernized, commercialized & improved. Places where you can still go experience what vacationing Americans did 50 to 70-plus years ago.1. DRINK > at ISHNALA supper club : (THE stuck-in-time world famous – Voted #1, and worth the 2-hour wait)2. STAY > AT BIRCHCLIFF LOG CABIN RESORT : (A fading shadow of its former 1920s glory, but a charming old ghost. book one of the 2 old big family log cabins & bring a book)3. SEE > THE 1950S WATERSKI SHOW (famous Tommy Bartlett synchronized waterski ladies in retro gear)4. SHOP > AT THE MOCCASIN SHOP: (72 year old shop that has hoarded its deadstock in cellar- now going out of business. so go now.) 5. EAT > In SUPPERCLUB style : The Embers (52 years old. cozy up to the 2 bearded old men playing Leonard Cohen & order the old fashioned) 6. DIG > around at PARSONS TRADING POST. (museum in the back. authentic native-americas signed crafts in the front. The oldest souvenir shop, opened in 1918) 7. DISCOVER > ADAMS MARKET (11 acre flea market to explore. also a mix of swap meet & farmers market)8. WATCH > PAUL BUNYAN. (hit up the cabin for flapjacks first, then see the lumberjack show… these guys are the real deal)9. HIKE > CHAPEL GORGE TRAIL. (youll never find a more scenic 2 miles)10. RIDE > one of the Original Wisconsin Duck Tours (we now understand why its the biggest attraction running since 1946).Also, we dont do ads to promote any of these spots- we just wish somebody would save us the time and give us their shortlist of places worth seeing. If you’re like us, vacation days are too few and far between to waste them looking in all the wrong places.@travelwisconsin got a gem we should visit? let us know, because we’re already planning a stop on our next trip to the northwoods.Photos:1: Charlie at the gorge 2: ishnala (supperclubs of Wisco cover)3: fam portrait at Paul Bunyans 4: our haul from the moccasin shop on the strip 10: our Cabin at Birchcliff