WHO WANTS TO PLAY BINGO? WINNER GETS BEER.This has been called the game roomSince before David can remember (because this is the place where all the poker and bingo went down). When we first got camp 15 years ago, we found bingo artifacts everywhere. Beat up cards, chips retired from VFW halls, bars and church collections.IN 1950, ANYONE WORTH HANGING OUT WITH PLAYED BINGO. Back then, every lodge, tavern, lounge & club had their own house-branded custom cards. (Friday nights in the midwest at any Elks Lodge meant an old fashioned in one hand & a fistful of bingo chips in the other). Weve been adding to the cabin imp collection for years, gathering inspiration at every yard sale, barn sale, junk store in Walworth county… until we could find someone to create our own custom Wandawega version.Finally, our search turned up with Regal Games (who invented the “auto slider card.” ) Turns out they are still right outside of Chicago some 70+ years later. In our efforts to recreate our Eisenhower-era bingo dreams, we failed to get them to make it on the stitched genuine heavy double-ply board stock, but havent given up yet. We are working with the amazing @Rohnerpress – who pulled the original 1950s stitching equipment from the Regal Bingo factory – to sew them. We opted for the “scavenger-hunt” model -folks scour camp to find the sites to close their shutter slide. The first one to hit a row across wins.So now when you check-in, youll find one of these on your camper registration clipboard. In honor of the beer of choice from Bingo (and Wandawegas) hey-day, whoever brings us a winning card (& can tell us where they found the clues)wins a can of PBR, Schlitz or Hamms.Second to last shot is an early wandawega Bingo squad (Davids mom Anna is lower right)last shot is Davids dad Herb (top) in the lodge kitchen drinking said beers, and maybe actually playing cards-and possibly bingo.