.crying on the plane posting this(not at all awkward for the people next to me) Just got this email.The first overseas trip I took, I picked up the best travel book I could find. It was a Fodors. I dog-eared the hell out of it, filled it with gutter notes & unrealistic hopes to see everything in it. (This was 1993, pre-dating todays ocean of travel bloggers- having an actual book as a guide felt so… official)If someone would have said that all these years later a little place Id adopt with my future husband would end up in these pages- I would never have believed it. Those pages under the orange cover were sacred. Far away places & fancy hotels. That 1st book opened up my eyes that there was something beyond the 2 stoplights in town.Davids response: How is that even possible? Were not a hotel, and were not fine. (Agreed). .So today were grateful to @fodorstravel for including some of us little guys on your list. Then, tomorrow (& every day after) well be grateful that there are people out there who can embrace you even though you may not have a pedigree.Coming home now with a new perspective: Im going to go dig up that first dog-eared copy of Fodors & read the gutter notes of a 22 year olds travel wishlist. .FODORS.com: WEIRD & WONDERFULYou may not have heard of this Wes Anderson-like camp property, but many big & trendy brandslike Anthropologie, Warby Parker, and Crate and Barrelhave used its vintage-inspired rooms stocked with antiques (from felt pendants to cozy Pendleton plaid blankets) and its whimsical grounds that feature a teepee and a treehouse, for photo shoots and design collabs. At the hands of a Chicago advertising couple, this former mobster hideaway (1930s), family-friendly lake resort (1950s), and Latvian priests church camp (1960s and 1970s) has been made uber-cool, with accommodations spread out over cabins and cottages. Archery and taxidermy never looked so enticing. @travelwisconsin Were lucky to be on this list with our friends places that we love so much:.@touristswelcome @thepontchartrain & @shinolahotel @bobcoscarelli @aimeemazzenga