The Quarantine Distraction Project Series No.10: (Is it weird to dream about flyswatters?) .. We always pick up the oldies when we can find them at barn sales.They used to be free advertising giveaways in the 40s for bait shops and liquor stores.The real old school ones were made with real metal screens.Had hand sewn thick canvas edging.They had heavy-duty wire arms.Wooden handles with hanger holes.They would have kitschy names like KANT-MISS & GOT-YA .Weve never found a new version that comes close to the old ones I remember my grandpa had out at the barn.So were customizing our own to get as close as we can. Cause, #StayAtHome Projects In Quaratine.Every camp house (and outhouse, rabbit house, storage house, boat house) is gonna get one of these cutting-edge tech pest control devices installed in it. Then were making another run of 50 in case their are any other weirdos out there also dreaming about fly swatters-(Hope to get a virtual version of our onsite camp store up at some point.). The model showing off our first SHOO-FLY prototype is EarleFor color: hes leaning towards someplace between John Deere Green and International Harvester Yellow- .But he is still undecided for the hanger: leather boot lacetwine or braided cord?Earles taking suggestions.If you are bored in quarantine, zoom in on our packaging on the last few shots. This copy was lifted From a WWII fly killer advertisement back when they where really serious about swatting flies.. More at #wandawegacustoms