The earth laughs in flowers -Ralph Waldo Emerson Happy Birthday, Mother Earth !.This first shot of Charlie girl hurts my heart every time I see it because I knew at that moment just how fleeting it all was – I now cant get 9-year old Charlie to wear a flower crown. Maybe in another decade when shes goes to Lolla?.So to help welcome spring, were stocking up on seeds. Its almost time to replenish our wildflower fields again. Thank you, friends for sharing your visit & flower pictures with us: @tylerbartley @marciak_sas @theawkwardbird @spinaa @dheny @thewanderboys @stockmfco Megan Yanz.UPDATE and Correction: Special note to our instagram family : Please note creative credit due to @VIORLANDI (also the beautiful bride shown) for shot number 3 : (to accompany photographer credit listed Megan Yanz) credits Including (but not limited to) -event planner, -styling, -design, -photo art direction. …And, the extended camp wandawega family would like to Apologize to the bride for our oversight for the partial credit omissions for the lovely photo of special day. (And also congratulate her for her achievement of being awarded wedding of the year ).For more beautiful shots from this series , please visit : for more of Victorias creative work, please visit her feed @viorlandi..Friends of camp: at Wandawega, we respect photographers work and the creatives that they work with and always want to try shine a spotlight on everyone as much as possible so that they can receive proper credit for all of their efforts. If we mess up- we are sorry (both for past mistakes and any potential future accidents or errors). #human #tryingourbest