WHICH SHOULD BE OUR CAMP PUZZLE? Were making our first 50-count run (for guest rooms & stocking the new camp store).But we cant decide which to have made. (They will be the 250 piece type, that we are told takes 3 hours to assemble)..We dont actually know jack about puzzles other than we love the old school designs most. .We found out that @venuspuzzle still makes the cardboard boxes with the vintage style paper-wrapped lids, so now were going all OCD on researching and buying up puzzles from 1940s-60s. .We have a growing pile (as Frankie is shown here, inspecting)Thank you @ahutchgram & Herb for being the test assemblers for our first prototypes & timed assembly dry run. WHICH ONE DO YOU LIKE BEST??(The one Ash is assembling here is the canned ham). Featuring the photography of @BobCoscarelli (all except the dock one).More at #wandawegacustoms