Our secret stash in the attic is coming out. and we have few things LOOKING FOR A GOOD HOME!Weve been having so much fun lately connecting with people online, by giving stuff away – we figured why stop now. (Yesterday we filled 70 bottles to ship out to friends here.) .SO. We have this spot that nobody sees up in the rafters of the old main lodge.Its about 15 x 40ft – its where we hoard all the things we find at barn sales, roadside stands & old souvenir shops and hardware stores before they close or get demod. Its our 15+ year collection of all the things we love – and always hope to have a place to bring them back out into the light.Since the lock down, weve been neck-deep working on a new project:to hang a shingle on a new little on-site camp store. .The part were most looking forward to is bringing down all the things we love from the attic, and letting them go one by one. I always thought that it was finding and acquiring stuff was the fun part – but its turning out that its more fun to see them go to a good home.First up in our offerings in our future shop is this Keychain Bar where folks can build their own, pulling from our vintage collection board as well as the new stock weve had custom made for us: . >brass stamped CW valve tags, . >rabbits feet with our CW hotel key fobs, . >the tiniest of CW slingshots, . >two-blade CW cedar pocketknives . >and tiny CW flasks that work great but barely hold enough whiskey to get a mouse drunk. .Trying to celebrate the little things everyday – so were GIVING AWAY handful of kitted out keychains that will have all of our new tools, along with a vintage piece (like an old BSA pocketknife or similar)Shout out below who you want to send one of these to – were picking 3 tonight and boxing them up with more tiny swaggy things. ..Cause making fun things while in quarantine is only fun if you have somebody to give them to..More at #wandawegacustoms