Close calls.The lodge phone rang. I panicked. Nobody calls that line unless its the fire department (unpublished number). .Its David: Dont freak out but I rolled the Ranger back in the woods. I need you to bring me a towel – I bashed my head and I dont want to scare Charlie. ..It was almost dark. .Neighbor Joe runs over with the first aid kit to pick out the blood encrusted weeds embedded in his noggin then we head back up the hill to survey the damage & see if we can pull the Ranger out..David had been riding the trails making the rounds for downed trees, when he rode up on a log hidden in the underbrush (and dove out as it flipped over). ..My little brother Sam happened to be up this weekend – I texted him this pic of Davids head. In five minutes he was already hauling his lineman climbing gear up the hill up on the Bobcat. (This vid of him flipping the machine upright). ..David doesnt know what he cut his head on. And I dont know how we would have found him in the dark in the backwoods if hed have gotten pinned under the machine.Its getting close to Fathers Day. and feeling extra grateful for the close calls that turned into wake up calls. and for all the dads that are also husbands, brothers & neighbors.We cant always be sure whats waiting for us on the path ahead. So err on the side of caution, friends.