Welcome to the woodshed.An Amish community in the northwoods built it for us using wood from their own saw mill (designed with an open skid structure so we can move it with a bobcat)We keep it stocked with the basics : Kindling (From the endless buckthorn clearing we have) Dry split oak Campfire wood from our local arborist. Logs we split from 24 acres of a rotating series of fallen trees (& the unlucky ones that have been taken down by storms).Shes got an oil canvas drop roll- down/ tie up closure front (note: its damn hard to source Goldenrod yellow canvas- but worth the search DM us if youre on the hunt) Shes small but hardy enough to keep all our campfire wood dry. In our new social distancing grounds configuration, we have six separate campfire pits in diff zones. Given that its like a 24/7 smorefest arriving here these days, you can never have enough firewood We could have a full staff of lumberjacks (or lumberjills in last pic) take up residency here and still not get on top of these acres – but everybodys gotta start someplace we guess. Take em to the woodshedHas new meaning around here these days..Mad skills, @bhwoodworks