COMING SOON! WHICH SHOP FACADE / bar entrance should we build? 1 or 2? (3rd red door is the BEFORE – that we already ripped out- it was just a temp modern security door )Slide for the options.(First green awning option, wont overloading it by propping it out with barrels and signs-thats just the comp )The last shot is its current state & already ripped out- weve moved the Maintenance room back to another building where it was in the 20s).Leaning towards green awning vs modern black, because its more historically accurate to what was here back then.Weve been busting our tails during our pandemic down time to get the online camp store up & running. So the old Rathskeller is going through a design overhauled to serve double duty as our pull / pack / ship / inventory space & store.And were redesigning the exterior entrance to it. These are photo rough comps Progress so far:The antique shutter doors, vintage industrial barn light, evergreens are already in, and the historic Gallagher Tent & Awning is building the new awning for us to install soon!.DECIDING:Which look to finish it off with? (The last red door is our current before that we have already ripped out)whats inside: Weve rebuilt the first level of the lodge back rooms return to the old Rathskeller bar (down to the trap door in the floor above with a staircase that lead down to the gambling room that ran here illegally in the 20s – 40s).*almost done! sharing photos soon.* the physical store wont have official hours for the public, well be opening it for guests