THEYRE HERE!FACT: NOTHING IN THE WORLD IS MORE SOOTHING THAN SNUGGLING PUPPIES. (Watching Charlies face when she saw them for the first time was…everything.) #happytears Shot 1: David when asked to stand in as a human heating pad for the babies while momma Bailey was getting fed.Shot 2: Charlie getting to hold one for the first time, (when she got to be a helper for their scale weighing).The vet reports 10 healthy, happy little puppies. Since its best for new puppies to be cared for by their mom, we leave her be – and shes doing a great job. But when it is time to come help her out with a few things, we love that Bailey is such a snuggler. When we come into her puppy pen (to help rotate in a fresh pad, mommas feeding time, etc. she wants to lay her head on your lap while she feeds her babies.) Because Bailey lives in the house steps from camp (& her dad Joe works here) shes been Frankies BFF & raised here since day one as part of the camp family. Weve been with her daily, helping to rotate a pup on mom on occasion (make sure the smaller weight one gets some feeding time too). Keeping them warm when Bailey has to run out (very briefly) to do her business in the yard. .But… This is magic time as soon as Bailey steps out, her pile of puppies start to cry and look for warmth & food, so you lay them on your chest so that they can feel your heart beat and body heat – it makes them calm down and fall asleep almost instantly) .And Charlie was especially excited to get to help put each one on the scale to get weighed (to report back to the vet)*PLEASE NOTE: Sorry! Months from now, when they are grown up enough to be away from mom, each of these pups already have forever homes with adoptive parents (within the family & close friends group). If you are looking for a dog, please consider adopting – the rescue where we found Frankie a dozen years ago was : – but there are lots of wonderful options. (see comments below for suggestions Lucky Mutts and more).Thank you Joe & fam for sharing these little furry bundles of joy with us