These campers know how to have a good time. . (Frankie agrees and would not stop following them around.).Pics: #lonewulfnomore Congrats to the bride to be!..*PLEASE NOTE: the family and friends in this photo socially distanced from other rentals groups who arrived here separately – each group has their own private building, campfire & picnic grill zone- with no shared access to other guest groups. The only guests shared space for camping groups is the treehouse and beach, (waterfront has four separate zones consisting of docks & piers spread out across hundreds of feet waterfront). These very respectful ladies kept separate from other groups at camp while they were here (as all of our groups do). Although Wisconsin is an open state, (with packed bars )…. here at camp, we are committed to providing 25 acres of ample social distancing opportunity between groups for their stay here. But please note that we do not have a police force here on staff to moderate and mandate each individual guest within a singular group to distance from each other when they are in the out-of-doors, those who come here are ultimately responsible for their own safety)To learn more about our CDC recommendations and plans, cleaning protocol and social distancing offerings, please visit our homepage