For the first time, and likely only time for 2020, due the cancellation of all of our “all-camp” events (for everyone’s safety) we now have openings in the calendar for small groups – or even just 2 peeps – youll just also get extra empty rooms on your rental floor.Every week for the next 3 months, we are going to share out the remaining spots open for the following week, at 30% off.This is our first announcement for openings left for next week:We have two avails, 2 day min for either the top or the mid level of the bunkhouse. Its first come first serve DIY booking – select bunkhouse (photos here of a few of the rooms)(Were making this price discount so that folks can come in smaller COVID-FRIENDLY pairs of couples and small “quaranteam” small groups – (sorry, this is not single rooms for single nights). social distancing is our first priority, so we have shut off some of our cabins entirely for the season, so we can host fewer, smaller, separate groups for “self-guided” camp stays.Love, Camp W .UPDATE: for those sending questions: our rentals are STILL for groups of rooms, (not single rooms for single nights) – its based on our business license as a camp- so even if you only come solo, you are still renting the block (but at a 30 percent discount). Thanks !!.Photos :@bobcoscarelli @aimeemazzenga @nelsoncash