Does anybody else remember these?Our newest addition to the camp store is the favorite summercamptradition.Each come in sets of 2 for you and your summer BFF, with tiny metal tags(one side reads : Est 1925. the other reads : CAMP WANDAWEGA).We have four patterns, mounted on cards that include the meaningof all the colors & the wishing promise behind friendship bracelets. “No matter where we go,no matter what we do,youll always be there for me,and ill always be there for you”As tradition goes, one gives a friendship bracelet tosomeone who has a wish. Wear it until it’s worn outand falls off & the wish is said to come true.COLOR SYMBOLISMRED love, passion, fire, joy, energy.ORANGE pacifism, sexuality, fire, energy.YELLOW sunshine, hope, beauty, jealousy, summer, gold, money.GREEN youth, nature, hope, harmony, eternity, life, envy, good luck.L BLUE friendship, harmony, the sky, water, tranquility, calmness.D BLUE calmness, tranquility, harmony, eternity, purity.WHITE purity, freedom, truth, independence, light.BLACK magic, energy, fearlessness, catharsis.first photo:of @tylerjordanpeterson &@teichelman1973 by @sriedel14 Last photo : @thewanderboys ..*sorry, campers, our tree rope swings are no longer unlocked for guests (it takes more athletic ability that folks realized & we want to protect people from themselves)