This is a place that it is hard to believe exists until you see it in person.It’s a mill tucked away in Minnesota that is a perfect time capsule thats been running for over a century.Many of their employees are multi generation.Weve got some exciting news & wanted to start by re-sharing the story of the partnership we did with @faribaultmill.A few years ago they featured us as one of three limited edition blankets in their Storied Explorations blanket collection.We were honored then and even more so now to work with them again on 3 new camp goods.HOW ITS MADE IS HOW IT MATTERS.Everything we make here (& in this little film) we made with good friends. Long after the products are sold, what we always end up remembering the most is how it got made.This BTS film was made by David & I car tripping with @NathanMichael to explore the factory & film the blankets.It was made by sneaking away at lunch with my co-author of The Forever tree @donnalukascp ..It was made during late nights editing with long time camp friend @erikvlaw @optimuspost .It was made by recording the voice of a friend from @OgilvyChicago, a gentleman named Paul Norris who worked alongside the legend #DavidOgilvy.So even though this film itself could now be considered old (Charlie has doubled in size since we made the bed in last scene).can’t help feel nostalgic for all the friends who donated their time to make this film with us.Also feeling nostalgic for this historic old Minnesota Mill, (where as I type this, they are hand stitching the Wandawega x Faribault Mill embroidered labels on.)They’re on the truck to us next week & we cant wait to share the stories behind them.The words in the film (in two parts)History is woven in layers.History is made by human hands.History takes it’s sweet damn time.Its handed down from your great-grandmother.Its unwrapped as a gift on your wedding day.Its delivered on the day your first born arrives.History knows the difference between trendiness & timelessness.History knows whats important in life doesnt change.History wraps us in warm comfortable familiarity.”…Thank u: @bbildsten @michberthiaume !