Tiny cabin, Many lives…Like most buildings on the property, the current guest welcome cabin has had a lot of different purposes over the past 95 years. When we first bought camp it was buried under a pile of tires (we stopped counting at 27) and so full of junk that we filled a 20 Yard dumpster until we hit the back wall. It was first erected circa 1925 where the main lodge patio is now (top image 4) – then moved sometime before the 50s. Then it was a garage.Then were told it served as wood shop.Then it became a junk storage shed from the 70s until we took over.We gutted it and made it a workshop.Next it was the Ural Shed (for Motorcycle storage.It would be a pop up bar for Jim Beam & temporary coffee shop for @intelligentsiacoffee-.Now its just our little hangout and welcome cabin..You hear folks describe old buildings as having good bones. This little guy was never graced with good ones, just old ones. But around here we respect our elders in all forms. Because anything that has served so many so well for so long – deserves to be around for another few decades..Welcome to the little welcome cabin.First 3 shots: @katebe_ No.8 bottom: @bobcoscarelli