SINGLE SERVICE ? ? (its the little things)We started rolling our own house TP because we couldnt find packaging that wasnt wrapped in bad fonts & god awful graphics..And when you are forced to stock a dozen + shared bathrooms with five stacked roles at a time… piles of toilet paper become a focal point whether you like it or not. (So we just had to start embracing the TP towers.)We decided to throw them on our online camp store, too. (In the most utilitarian style custom cardboard boxes wrapped up like presents with a little swag tucked inside)We wanted to see if anybody else also wants something in their bathrooms that is slightly less ugly..Turns out that they do, because somehow our Camp Toilet Paper is suddenly our best selling item on the campstore site. .I guess Its the simple things (and now nothing surprises us anymore). Buyer beware (zoom into the label on these shots to read the instructions). We pulled our language form 1920s packaging when TP was introduced to the public. Single Service (apparently back then it needed to be explained….?) What was the alternative? Was there a double service option? .Google it if you want want some instant gratitude for being born in this century.