What was in the Labor Day time capsule: .Its the holiday weekend here at Camp Wandwega in 1974. (Someone uncovered and gave us this shoebox of memories – every photo is of David, growing up here).The picnics, the mud fights, riding with his cousins in the back of the pickup through cornfields…It spans decades of labor day weekends at camp. .(We found the common denominator in these Polaroids as a lesson that were here to learn)They say the way to grow a business is to look to the future.But what if your heart is in the past?(And youre not sure if bigger is better for the life you want?)Were leaning in to who were meant to be, which is what this little camp has always been -embracing small for going on a hundred years now.This new forced social distancing reality has made us realize that.Smaller groups.Smaller events.(And the seemingly littlest lake in the county, with the smallest fish.)isnt a bad thing (unless you are a hotelier with investors & aggressive expansion plans, which were not)..The smaller moments with the bigger people in our life is what were embracing now.The smaller fleeting moments are the big picture for us, and now its what we now see when look to the future..We have a different meausuring stick for growth when we think about the future of this little mom & pop business.This last picture is of Charlie & David taken yesterday.She is now 9 years old (going on 19). .Its a time warp, because ( it really is just the reverse of the same picture of David and his mom taken 45 years ago).She is her fathers daughter.This weekend we have a full camp of folks doing the same little things we see in all of these pics- a good personal reminder of what this place – and we – are here for. Happy Labor Day, friends and to embracing the little things in life