CALLING ALL CRAFTERSEvery scout camp in America for the past century had a craft cabina right of passage for girls and boys. You would enter camp a novice, and leave an expert basket-making-loom-weaving-pottery-painting-jewelry-crafting scout ninja..We spent months researching the most common crafts made at summer camps since 1920 – the sign is from cover of a 1940s book of crafts – and started sourcing deadstock art kits, custom made craft kits, and impossible-to-find old school kits to make our own little camp craft cabin.Praying that I can instill some craft love in 9 year-old Charlie so I can coax her into making things here with me. (Before we hit a moody teenager stage and she never wants to make art things with mom@A few of the craft kits in here.For campers. For her. For me 1 Cut a Linocut for printmaking2 Glaze a Terracotta pot3 Build a log cabin model4 Assemble vintage pick up truck wood model5 Weave a basket6 Design a sand art bottle7 Create an arrow8 Build a fort tower9 Stitch a leather necklace bag 10 Paint a PBN painting11 String glass beeds12 Make a gods eye13 String a bead necklace14 Leather crafts: wallet15 Learn knot tying16 Print a fish on rice paper…and about a dozen more crafts now. .Spending more time at home these days has made us realize life is 1% better if we all try to make one creative thing every day. (And that 1% can sometimes be everything).photos: @katebe_ and @bobcoscarelli