here for the friendship.The teeniest trailer in the campground.We found our little canned ham, for $900 (from a hunter in the north woods who used it as a teensy hunting lodge on his sportsmans trips)Its a 1950s 11 foot Friendship Travel Trailer from Friendship, Wisconsin. .We parked her adjacent to an old deck, gutted the little kitchen and sink (converting it to open storage). And spent forever finding vintage hunting themed barkcloth to make custom curtains and bedding. Now we use it as a mobile office. (It might be time for a family road trip, any suggestions?).Shes got a diningroom area that can fold down to a twin bed, a closet, double bed, converted kitchenette (The 8th pic is Charlie when she was a nugget (we think tiny houses are for kids from 5-100). We are a little bit obsessed with this early 50s vision of utopian trailer parks. Surrounded by Perfectly manicured rose bushes where you lounge all day with your neighbors drinking Tom Collins listening to Sinatra on the transistor radio..1st pic, pup & Magazine spread Shots by @bobcoscarelli