The rustic camping cluster is our favorite place to be in the fall. Its tucked away in the hilltop overlooking the lake where you get the best view of the changing colors . … we are coming to the end of the first season of breaking in our new tipi. With its bigger size, rebuilt deck, zip down screens, its the nicest wind-and critter-tight, rain-free, version weve ever had here. And we finally got the custom mural graphics painted on it that weve wanted to do forever. … given that this is the 6th one weve tried in a dozen years- its about time that we got it right.Fully furnished with rugs, chairs, trunks, side tables, lanterns, two twin proper bed + mattresses, extra blankets and portable power pack, makes this thing down right luxe compared to our old school earlier versions.But that still may be a stretch- Its still camping. You still have to head to the woodshed to make your own coffee in the morning over the open campfire (but well get you started with the gear)#camperswelcome Photos: @katebe_ @theobergoasis @rbamericana