MEET THE NEWEST MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY (We still need a name for our sign painter to letter her- ideas welcome)Last month my little brother texts me at the crack of dawn:SAM: You awake? I got you guys something.ME (thinking- oh shit. the last time, it was that bucket truck. And then the rusty ambulance. And then a firetruck.)SAM: Dont worry, I got it for free as a partial trade for a tree cutting job. Its a 46 Ford 2N. Shes not pretty, but runs great – Ill get er fixed up. And you need a machine up there, youve got too much work to not have a workhorse.(2nd picture top is what he texted me as the before.)I was legit scared- trying to picture where to hide it, and whos gonna keep a 75 year old tractor running. Fast forward 6 weeks. Sam managed to get her an overhaul, stripped the whole thing down for a paint job. Then loaded her up with our buddy Jack and hauled her 500 miles round trip to deliver her. (On his birthday).Goes to show that we shouldnt be so quick to judge anything thats showing its age. Underneath an old patina , there can be a workhorse that wont quit. (They may just need a spitshine & someone to believe in them).We put Wanda (new name TBD?) through her paces this past weekend hauling trees, wagons & kids. She will make her debut at camp this Halloween, pulling the camp wagon we that we just outfitted for the kids.Thanks, for the present, Sam.(Its funny how you always seem to find a way of doing things for other people when this day comes around).