Saints & Sinners. next slide Back during prohibition when Wandawega ran as a speakeasy (even pre dating our Supper Club days) photos werent allowed here.Not only was the liquor served illegal at the time, the ladies kept their jobs because they knew how to be discreet.Well never know who visited this place back then (except perhaps Americas most wanted, gangster Roger Touhy, who was arrested by the local police when they picked him up down the street on his way back to Chicago.) And then the Bishop when he came to bless the property when the Catholic Church bought it in 1961.We’ve always loved the photo walls of guests who visited the old supper clubs- so weve since started our own Guest Log book (a few clips of some of our favorite past guests).And weve been dreaming of the day that we can do a supper club pop up here again for guests.We still have all the original tables, chairs and dishes from the third photo, taken here in the 40s.We also still have an attic full of lazy susans for those epic relish trays just waiting to serve up saints and sinners once again.