The nature watching cabin slide for beforehand10 things1. It was built during the Great Depression as a kit 2. It came from the Sears & Roebuck barn catalog3. Its original open frame(mini Gothic arch) is still all intact 4. We found it 10 min from camp in a farmers backyard5. Most recently, it was home to a bunch of chickens6. Despite our WIDE LOAD sign, Its a tiny 14 long / 9 wide7. It took a pickup, bobcat & a prayer to drag it up our rocky hill8. We added the extended Nordic style hip roof (last minute rain shield idea) 9. The cedar shake shingles cost more than the cabin did 10. The table & bench set are vintage from a German beer garden This little guy sits atop a perch in the rustic camping cluster for guests to duck out of the rain, play some cards and open a bottle. Photos by @ettakit_ and friends of camp