The single best reason you should buy a summer camp?So you can give it away.The most emotionally rewarding part of running this place is that we get to donate it to support important causes & inspiring, generous artists. This past summer, we partnered with @THEJAUNT to host 4 artists to make art. 25% of all the proceeds of the sales are donated to local good causes: @socialworks_chi -kelly @lgbtdetroit -Bakpak@bravespacealliance -DavidDetroit Black Community Food Security Network- -Ellen The prints just went live on THE ARTISTS:@ellenrutt DETROITEllen creates her own language through mixed-media paintings, murals, installations and a variety of wearables. Through her work Ellen tells a symbolic narrative of connectivity and dissonance, through which she questions the ways we create meaning from non-sense. Her work often features an immersive, performative quality, encouraging participation.@kellyknaga CHICAGOinvestigates the natural and digital landscapes through the play of shape, image, color, line and pattern. Her work utilises historical and sometimes fictional references through anthropological studies, mapmaking and storytelling. She is Dir.of Design Education at IUN & other design organisations.@davheo CHICAGODavid an upcoming artist who utilises the symbology inherent to historical paintings and illustrations of mythology and folklore. Utilising history to create mix of grand mythical meta narratives to serene frames of domestic daily life. Depictions of horses, dogs and tigers are typologies of the people he encounters in night life.@bakpakdurden DETROITWith a primary focus on the human figure, Bakpak, uses a range of mediums to create their hyperrealistic and conceptual style. With an eye for detail and emotion their engaging subjects shine a spotlight on human feelings, moods and experiences. Bakpak also creates murals & continues work within community, queer, and mental health advocacyBe kind to each other this holiday, friends.