Yesterday Charlie decided that she wanted to make a gingerbread version of our Aframe. I think she did a lovely job – and that someday she could make her own job title for decorating gingerbread houses if she wanted to.(Someday Id like somebody to hire me for the job title of Apprentice ornament maker)We started framing my stash of photos of strangers….(antique lodge & camp photos) as ornaments. Next step is to make real actual Adirondack style twig with teeny tiny blacksmith nail frames. but its almost Christmas, running out of time.(dont know how to make them yet- advice welcome )so these pre made frames will have to hold us over until next year… Her fav part of this season is hanging the @crateandkids (land of nod) plaid stockings that were part of the collab line. Well hang these every year until were all raisins and hopefully grandparents.