Most folks here kinda like being taken to the woodshed. (Dont forget the Thermos of hot toddies.) It sits at the head of our hiking trail in the backwoods to keep dry firewood for the guests who stay up in the rustic camping cluster of tent cabins.We had our Amish friends up in the northwoods build it for us based on our napkin sketch. Its crazy how inexpensive they are to build (cost less than to build that nice road bicycle). They explained that they can build cheap horse / wood sheds like ours because they run their own saw mills.After we got her planted on railroad tie skids, we outfitted it with the wood stick shelving, canvas drop flaps and our collection of two man saws and logging gear that Id been hoarding for ages – waiting for my woodshed : )But it was a bear hauling it up our rocky sledding hill – at one point I thought for sure it was going to slide off the back of the rig (last video clip here).Our advice:Dont try this at home.Hire the Amish builders / farmers.First pics from guest @sdamiani