Weve never seen anything like this before the most unique gift you can give somebody Our new craft cabin now includes a home portrait (told through the landscape).Our neighbor (weaving artist @lori_seidemann ) spent the season-Foraging the grounds around camp, -Gathered all the different plants, berries & roots.-She boiled them down to make natural dyes.-That she dyed yarns with the custom colors.-That she designed a pattern with the yarns.-That she wove into a literal portrait.of our backyard here, our home.it turns out that even the ugliest, most invasive species we have here (buckthorn)- produces the most beautiful colors.Every yard has different plants, that release different colors; its like having your fortune read, a surprise to see what colors your backyard will reveal.OUR BACKYARD PALETTE:Pinecone, sumac berries & leaves, summer grapes, Pokeberries, she even used the bark from the evil Buckthorn (and its berries)*Zoom into shot 3 to see the hue key that she pulled out of our backyard.Weve collected little samplers for years mainly Latvian, Mexican & Native American (last photo).Most cultures across the world make their own version of these die charts (last pic)Making one of these weavings from scratch is incredibly time consuming & labor intensive and the result is unique.Our portrait is now hanging in the craft cabin, so she can measure the natural effect of light fade on these. Like the wildflower patches here, we expect it to evolve.Lori accepts special commissions on a limited basis, working out of her weaving studio on Lake Wandawega & her home studio in Chicago.portrait here taken at one of her weaving workshops at @SOHOhouse.