Everywhere here, Under the floorboards.There are Layers of stories.In this 1st pic: the lodge kiitchen (top layer was 1970s linoleum…we found under that the original 1920s battleship linoleum that was the most durable flooring during Wandawegas dining hall days. (Not shown here because it was too far gone to save). We are sourcing the OG maker to bring it back and will share the before / after when were done.But this second floor portrait is our favorite…Its in the old bunkhouse. This is the 1920s original Congoleum… each room features a different pattern. Congoleum was historically what folks used when they couldnt afford carpeting to cover their low grade plank flooring. (Most of these Congeum floors have never been covered and have been In consistent use for nearly a century.) Seems to have defied the odds that they would last this long – through wear and trends.Were glad to see that there are things that remain consistent, that sustain because they arent trendy. That remain unchanged based on the simple fact they can still serve a purpose and remain useful. They arent disposable, because their value is not measured by their beauty.There is a beauty in that. We have it everywhere here, if you lift up the layers.Some people that come here notice these things- most dont. When you visit us, (be warned) well probably talk you ear off about all the diff historic floor patterns around camp.Most folks dont look down to see it.An exception is @burtsbrisplease – she notices things that most dont see – and shared all these photos. Were grateful to those who take the time too look. And more grateful to find those who appreciate the little details.* the floor covering you can get a glimpse of in photos 3, 6 & 7 is original, unearthed under layers of carpet, padding, linoleum and underlayment. Its beat to hell, but shows its age so beautifully we cant help but think about all the families that it took to create that patina. Were never gonna rip it up.