What weve been working on.(This is how guests will be able to step back in time when they visit us)You will be able to load up on necessities without ever needing to leave the property.Its something weve wanted to add to camp for 15 years.(And we are guessing the most popular amenity that was offered here back in the 1920s).It was inspired by a old ad we found-the first promotional description from the Wandawega Hotel circa 1925.You wont believe how much we have been able to fit into this space (originally it was our camp chapel, which was only getting used about 10 hours a year, so weve relocated it)…so we can turn this room into something everybody needs.Hint:It will supply campers with unlimited caffeine. And we get to fill It with all the little custom details that make our hearts happy (like our obsession with new custom branded sugar cube packaging that every diner/cafe had up until theyve all but disappeared from America)