We got a surprise visitor some years back a senior citizen showed up one day at camp with a photo album- she explained that her family ran this place when it was the Wandawega Resort from late 40s to 1961. She gave us this photo of her parents standing in front of the entrance gates.We blew up the shot to discover the original sign that wed never seen before in any other photos (except for the cover of the old brochures found here in a trunk- shot 2).The sign has been long gone-But the post was still there.So we had a sign painter in Chicago recreate it for us- and now it hangs on our lodge – just off the corner of its original spot.Whenever we find old clues like this we get so excited – because it gets us one step closer to helping us piece together our history (that we document on wandawegahistory.org)Now we try to fill the old main lodge with all of the things that we imagine she would have remembered from her childhood here. Darts and games, pool and instruments. We are grateful for those surprise guests that show up at our door and in our lives.Photos : @sdamiani @bobcoscarelli