If you’re thinking about opening up a little inn / resort / camp / lodge.a few things to consider that might give you that final push to just go do it.We’ve partnered up with the folks at @Airbnb, who’ve asked us to share our top 3 reasons why we decided to become camp runnersNo. 1:We love hosting house guests. (Although sometimes it feels like they’re hosting us, since we end up having beers with them by the fire)No. 2:We really like meeting new people. (We never ever would have been able to meet so many people from all over the world if it wasnt for running this old camp)No. 3:We have a built-in creative outlet to make new experiences for folks. ( since we nerd out on making crafty things, we created a craft cabin, & designed programming around it so we can carve out more time to do it ourselves, too) This place is like a 25 acre playground to make up new things to add, build and get creative.If any of this sounds like fun to you, too- you might already be a boutique hotel owner in your soul and not even know it…. now its got us wondering what would be other peoples top 3 reasons to start up their own thing too?#airbnbpartnerThanks to our dear friend Bob for making us sit still for once to get a family pic with Frankie. (what you cant see in this shot is us bucketing rain water out of the rowboat just after the picture)camping running is glamorous said nobody, ever.