sound on Nearly 100 years ago, the first cabin was built at Lake Wandawega.It was constructed from logs and sticks from the Wandawega surrounding land.Sadly, it was torn down before we could move it.WE WANTED A WAY TO BRING IT BACK.So we called our friend (and master wood worker) @teichelman1973.Who recreated it using sticks and twigs from Wandawega.He replicated every detail, down to the masonic symbols and name on the front PH.DAHL.It will now serve the community again.As a Free Library stocked with books on subjects we care about.We invite you to visit it…And take a book that will help you,And leave one that will help others.THE WANDAWEGA TWIG HOUSE FREE LIBRARY.NOW OPEN FOR ALL. SPECIAL THANKS:>To the Walworth County Historical Society for the Historic photos> the descendants of original family of the twig house, (who happened upon our doorstep at Camp last summer to share memories and information that helped us recreated this special very tiny cabin.> to our friend @hows_it_golin for editing> most importantly- our dear talented friend @teichelman1973 > we are so excited to start our registration to officially be part of the @littlefreelibrary network!