Leave your mark.(Carve your name into our furniture)…this is a peek into cabin No.3, it was built 95 years perched on the edge of the lake.- The next shot is actually the only place where well let you do this. its become a camper tradition- guests whittling their own carpe Diem advice and stories into the bunk beds before they check out.Take a closer look when you visit, we try tuck stories into every corner, surface and drawer- some of them we tell, but most you just have to ask us about (even though they have more layers than well ever know about, we try our best to dig up every objects backstory)Hope that all these names carved in this bed lasts in some way or another. 50 years from now somebody finding the year 2020 carved next to somebodys name might spark a story about what happened to the world that year. This bed has been a good reminder for us at camp to tell our story- And ask others to tell us theirs.